DICAPAC Waterproof Mirrorless Camera Bag

Model #DP-WPS3

Dicapac Waterproof Camera Bag for Hybrid & Mirrorless Cameras

Floating 100% Waterproof case

If you love capturing the moment, especially in the water, go get DiCAPac waterproof cases for your digital camera. Made with non-toxic substance, it floats on water and you can adjust the air volume using the lens cover. Its lens port allows camera lens to extend out to 68mm and around internal diameter of 65mm.

Ideal for swimming, surfing, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, skiing and others, so capture every moment with your camera while safely protected from water, dust. Its polycarbonate lens allows you to take crystal clear photos. Quickly grab your dust-proof, fog-proof, sand-proof, snow-proof and waterproof DiCAPac case for hybrid and mirrorless camera.

UV-coated polycarbonate lens

Using UV-coated polycarbonate, a common material for glasses, DiCAPac presents a highly scratch-resistant and transparent lens. Remove UV filter on your camera first as it may not fit and scratch DiCAPac UV filter. Double UV filters causes rainbow and lens flare effect so remember to remove it before using.

Finger control hole

Located on top right corner, WP-3S’s finger hole allows you to easily press shutter button and control your hybrid or mirrorless camera.

Waterproof test certificate

DiCAPac has attained the highest grades, IPX8 and IP68, from the notoriously strict JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard). The test requirement was to be completely waterproof in the depth of 10 meters for half an hour.

WP-S3 Lens size

Without an extension ring-Length: Max 35mm (Diameter: Max 68mm)
With an extension ring-Length: Max 65mm (Diameter: Max 68mm)

  • Lens aperture: Up to  68 mm
  • Diameter of the lens: Up to 65 mm


  • 195mm(W) × 170mm(H)
  • Case – PVC, TPU, ABS | Lens – ABS, Polycarbonate, Silicone | A neck strap
  • 350g
  • 5 meters