New model action cameras coming mid 2016 – Sneak Peak

These 2 featured packed action cameras will be arriving into Australia in mid 2016.  Both cameras feature a built in flash/video light!  This is a fantastic inclusion on these little cameras, having this light will keep the system compact and help users take colourful and bright images without the bulk or cost of adding extra… read more

Underwater Photographer Sculptures

These brilliantly handmade metal sculptures will make the perfect unique gift or just a cool display piece. Standing at around 24cm tall they’re a great size to show off. The base is also removable for easy shipping (or gift wrapping). As each sculpture is handmade there are small variations in the appearance but all have… read more

Tovatec SportTac 2000

The Tovatec SportTac 2000 Dive Torch with its included rechargeable Li-Ion battery is a compact and inexpensive torch which will brighten any adventure from diving, camping or just exploring. This 220 Lumen powered torch has an adjustable beam from 12 to 75 degrees with an easy to adjust swivel head.  Not only does it have… read more

Vivid-Pix Picture-Fix Software Cards now available!

Picture-Fix software was developed specifically for the underwater world. Without proper lighting or exposure, your pictures don’t relive the colors, marine life… the beauty of your dive or snorkel.  Your pictures just don’t “pop” with the vivid colors you remember. The Vivid-Pix – Picture-Fix It’s as EASY as 1….2….3 1. Import your pictures. 2. Software… read more

A Beacon of Light to show you the way!

Intovatec Beacon Rechargeable Light now shipping. Xtreme Power-Light Flood Model The Beacon’s 3 x CREE LED’s produce an amazing 2500 lumens of high-powered light. The 11 degree beam gives you a concentrated light beam ideal for looking into dark caverns or over long distances.  The 4 position magnetic switch will help you tame this amazing… read more

Out of this Galaxy!

Announcing the fantastic new Galaxy Video Light from Intova! 2500 Lumens of powerful light covering 140 degrees with no hot spots in a small rechargeable unit. 1 hour burn time at full power /2 hours at 50% power/ 3 hours at 30%power Light intensity adjustable from low, medium to full power with rotating magnetic switch. Carry case… read more

Intova Sport HD II

The latest version of the very popular Sport HD has arrived!! All the great features of the original Sport HD plus: Diving mode: electronic red filter Motion detection: in video mode; recording starts when motion detected Picture in video: take still shots while recording 720p@60fps: for improved video slow motion with your editing software  

New I-DIVE Torches

The Video Pro5 brings the lumen dollar ratio to a whole new level. Pushing out a massive 1500 lumens and 110 degree smooth even beam means there won’t be any hot spots showing up in your images! Made of durable Polycarbonate (which helps keep the costs down and strength up), and an anodised aluminium head…. read more

Improve Your Sound Quality Today!

Coming Soon! Polar Pro GoPro Microphone Professional   This microphone is for users filming primarily outdoors in windy conditions. This microphone has three layers of built in protection to significantly reduce wind noise. The microphone can be used in the GoPro Skeleton case or just plug it directly into the Hero 2. Hero3 Compatible with… read more

Polar Pro Cube Filters for GoPro Hero3

  The Polar Pro Cube Filter Series were designed for seamless installation and removal. The Cube filter simply snaps on and off to your GoPro Hero3 with ease. The Filters are made out of a virtually unbreakable optical acrylic which provides durability and sharpness, for added longevity and colour correcting efficiency. Before your next dive… read more

Intova New Product Release: Mini Flex Arm for Sport HD

Quality flex arm 24.5cm long. Universal base tray attachment will work with most base tray systems. Full flexibility for a variety of light mounting options. Plastic construction for longevity and resistance to rust or corrosion. Weight 2.8 oz / 79.4g MODEL #INT-SP1FA      

Intova New Product Release: Mount Adapter

Mount Adapter allows camera with Go Pro style base to be used on mounts with standard ¼ inch tripod thread screw. Model #INT- SPGMA    

Intova New Product Release: Sport HD Camera Bag

Sport HD Camera Bag: Neoprene camera bag for SP1 camera. Dimensions (10 x 8 x 7)cm / (4 x 3 x 2.75) inches. Weight 1.3 oz / 36.9g. Model #INT-SP1CB      

Intova New Product Release: Macro/Close Up Lens for Sport HD

Get close up to your subjects with this 52mm slip-on macro lens for Sport HD. Close up focusing range underwater (with water in space between lens and pens port) approximately 6 inches to 3.5 feet/15cm to 1.0 meter. Close up focusing range on land (with air in space between lens and lens port) approximately 1.2… read more

Intova New Product Release: Tovatec Video Lighting System

Coming Soon! All your lighting needs in one compact system!!! TLS features a series of interchangeable parts that can be combined for an entire range of lighting solutions. System is composed of (2) 800 lumen light heads-1 compact focus beam and 1 wide angle zoom; 2 batteries-compact and long lasting; a canister light cord, which… read more

Intova New Product Release: Sport 10

SPORT 10 is an affordable solution to Sports photography. The compact housing is waterproof to 140 feet / 40 meters and features a shock absorbent liner, double O-ring design and full function control buttons. The camera is waterproof to 10 feet / 3 meters and features great video and photo performance. 2AAA batteries provide easy… read more

Intova New Product Release: Terranova

Coming Soon! This torch needs to be seen to be believed- so bright it can be disorienting. A true 10,000 lumen torch that overwhelms others with a similar rating. 12 CREE LEDs utilizing proprietary reflector and PCB technology provide tremendous brightness and long burn times. The 3 position switch allows full power, 30% and emergency… read more

Intova New Product Release: Sport HD – Waterproof POV Camera with 1080p HD Video

Intova unveiled Sport HD, the next generation POV camera with 1080p HD Video. The Sport HD utilizes Intova’s patented unibody design, allowing electronics to be built directly into the durable and compact housing. The space saving design leaves room for a high quality LCD screen and full function button control as standard features. Sport HD’s… read more