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Polar Pro GoPro Microphone Professional


This microphone is for users filming primarily outdoors in windy conditions. This microphone has three layers of built in protection to significantly reduce wind noise. The microphone can be used in the GoPro Skeleton case or just plug it directly into the Hero 2. Hero3 Compatible with the Purchase of the GoPro Audio Adaptor. This microphone was built for users filming in light to moderate wind conditions. There are three layers of built in protection including the fur windscreen. The Windscreen is permanently affixed to the microphone to increase durability and eliminate the maximum amount of wind noise. The windscreen will not affect performance while filming indoors.


This microphone works perfectly up to 35mph. We do not recommend filming in conditions where wind exceeds 35mph or you are traveling more than 35mph. If you are looking to improve the sound of your Hero 2 videos this is the microphone for you. Simple and easy to use. Listen to the comparison video and see the difference for yourself. A 3 foot extension cable is also included.


Improve your sound quality today!


Model #pp-emic


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