X-Adventurer Canister Light – Goodman Handle Quick Release


The Quick Release Mount System uses a system of rollers and bands to easily clip a light head into the mount. The system is made up of two rollers, one fixed and one moving, joined together by a pair of heavy duty o-rings, all on a receiver plate. When the striker on the light is pushed against the front, moving roller or the receiver plate, the o-rings allow the front roller to move forward. Placing the striker into the channel of the receiver plate, pressing forward against the front roller and releasing, the o-rings will retract, securely holding both sides of the striker under the rollers. To release the light head, simply push forward on the light head. The o-rings will stretch, the front roller moves forward, and lift up on the back of the light head. The strikers on the light head will be free from the rollers.