Ultramax UXDS-1 Strobe Head


Ultramax UXDS-1 Strobe Head

Depth rated to a maximum depth of 55M (180’). The strobe housing is secured via double O-ring seal and, the battery compartment is completely isolated from the electronics to prevent water damage if it’s accidentally opened or batteries are changed when unit is still wet from a dive.

5 pre-flash settings to synchronize with the built-in flash of most digital compact cameras. Additionally, there are 4 output levels: 10%, 25%, 50%, and 100%. The strobe also has a flash test button.

Twin slave sensors allow the strobe to be triggered wirelessly by another flash, such as the camera’s built-in flash. When either sensor detects light from a flash, the strobe fires instantly. You can also purchase an optional fiber-optic connector and cable for triggering.

Colour-coded LED Indicators tell you the selected pre-flash and flash output modes. A blinking LED indicates low power.

Strobe Diffuser and attachment screw included.



Depth Rating: 55M (180’)

Guide Number: 20 (ISO 100/M) on land

Power Rating: Approximately 25 Watt-sec

Coverage Angle: 60°

Colour Temperature: Daylight-balanced at 5700K.

5 Pre-Flash Setting, Twin Slave Sensors

Output Levels: 10 %, 25%, 50%, 100%

Batteries: 4 AA Alkaline / NiMH batteries (not included)

On/Off Switch: Magnetic

Construction: Durable Polycarbonate with Isolated Battery Compartment

Mounting: Standard YS mount