Tovatec Sports Lighting System

Model #INT-SLS

Tovatec Sports Lighting System with Zoom Head Lamp & Strap

Featuring a Zoom Head Lamp that was developed for a wide range of uses underwater
and above. The Video Light – Zoom Head Lamp can be mounted almost anywhere using
the popular GO PRO® mounting system. It can also be used as a video light and can be mounted on a tray system.


Adjustable Head Strap… Fits most helmets and head sizes.
Zoom Lens… Out of the box your Video Light – Zoom Head
Lamp comes with an adjustable rotating zoom Lens. The Lens zooms from 10-50º using the silver rotating bezel.
Video Light mode… When the rotating bezel is removed (using pull tab), light TRANSFORMS into a 140º video light.
Lantern mode… When the rotating bezel is removed (using pull tab), you can add opaque diffuser cap.
Red & Green Filters…Allows you to not bother the wild life at night (green filter) or the sea life night diving (red filter). The Red filter can also be used as an emergency signalling device by placing under the diffuser cap and turning your light to strobe.


Power: 250 Lumens
Depth Rating: 100m
Switch: Push button
Beam Angle: 140 degrees with video head
Modes: Full Power – 30% Power – Strobe
Battery: Runs on 3x AAA batteries (not included) – Or USB powered
Burn Time: 2 Hours
Size: Light Head 4.5cm x 2.5cm – Battery Pack 7.6cm x 2.5cm

Includes: Adjustable Head Strap – Red & Green filters – Diffuser/Lantern Cap