Tovatec 3600 Zoom Dive Torch


The Tovatec 3600 replaces the Beacon torch. Like the Beacon, the 3600 is a powerful hand held and rugged light. With 3600 lumens and the option of 12º to 100º beam angle, it is ideal for any style of diving. Light head is removeable and will provide 140 degree beam angle when removed. The 3600 accepts two 26650 replaceable, rechargeable batteries and runs up to 3 hours. It comes complete with a carrying case, battery charger/cable, two 26650 batteries, alkaline battery holder, and lanyard.

Key Features:
Light meets American National Standards Institute (ANSI) FL1 standards
Use with both lithium-ion and alkaline batteries
3600 lumen output
Adjustable 12 degree (narrow beam) to 100 degree beam angle (wide beam great for video)
100%, 50%, 10% power level
Emergency strobe
What’s Included:
2 Lithium-ion batteries
Battery charger and cable
Battery cradle adapter for alkaline batteries
Extra O-rings
Instruction sheet
Reusable padded box