PolarPro P4 ND32 Filter Single


PolarPro Phantom 4 ND32 Filter Single


The ND32 is perfect for shooting over water or snow, reducing the camera’s shutter speed by 5 f-stops. This filter has a precision threaded aircraft aluminum frame for smooth installation and removal, and an ultra-light design that ensures smooth and safe gimbal operation. The ND32 filter is a great addition for capturing vivid content on very bright days.

5-Stop Neutral Density Filter (ND32) (3.47g): The ND32 filter is what we use on very bright days to reduce shutter speed by 5 f-stops.  We generally use the ND32 filter while filming in the desert or over snow.

  • Fits Phantom 4 and Phantom 3 (Pro /Adv/4K)
  • Ultra-light design ensures smooth and safe gimbal operation
  • HD glass ensures razor sharp image clarity
  • ND32/PL reduces shutter speed by 5 f-stops
  • Polarizing aspect reduces glare and increases color saturation
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • 5-Stop Neutral Density Filter – ND32

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