PolarPro Hero5 Super Suit Dive Filter


Polar Pro Hero5 Super Suit Dive Filter

  • Engineered specifically for the Hero5 Super Suit Housing (only fits Super Suit Housing)
  • Proprietary red color formula for flawless color correction
  • Capture vibrant colors in blue or tropical water from 15 to 75 feet deep
  • Guaranteed to improve underwater colors and reduce editing time
  • Secure push-on design is easy to install and remove
  • Lifetime warranty


The PolarPro Red Filter for the GoPro Hero5 Super Suit housing will colour correct your underwater videos providing you with vibrant tropical colours. The PolarPro Hero5 Red Filter uses a proprietary red colour formula that delivers accurate colour correction, designed for filming at depths of 15 to 75 feet in tropical or blue water. Simply push on the Red Filter and watch it turn your overly green videos into beautifully coloured tropical masterpieces. Each Red Filter for the Hero5 is backed by a lifetime warranty for a lifetime of vibrant underwater videos.

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