PolarPro Hero4 &5 Session Snorkel Filter


PolarPro Hero4+5 Session Snorkel Filter

  • Compatible with both Hero5 Session and Hero4 Session cameras
  • Red/snorkel filter for shallow depths (1/2 – 4.5m)
  • Best used in blue/tropical waters
  • Capture vibrant underwater colors
  • Snap-on design enables instant installation/removal
  • Limited lifetime warranty


The PolarPro Red Snorkel Filter for the GoPro Hero5 Session and Hero4 Session camera is a must have for underwater filming. Without a filter the Hero4 Session camera’s auto white balance improperly records underwater colour making them too blue or green. This Red Snorkel Filter enables the camera to record vibrant tropical colours while snorkelling. The filter works at depths from 1/2 – 10m feet, which covers you down to the 10m depth rating of the Hero4 Session camera. The filter quickly snaps onto the housing of the camera for easy installation and removal. A tether is included to attach the filter to the camera if desired. If you are snorkelling or filming underwater with the Hero4 Session camera, this filter will enables you to capture the vibrant colours of tropical fish and reefs.

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