PolarPro GoPro Session Polarizer


PolarPro Hero4+5 Session Polarizer Filter

  • Compatible with both Hero5 Session and Hero4 Session cameras
  • Reduces glare from water and snow
  • Increases colour saturation and contrast for a more vibrant and realistic image
  • Snap-on design enables instant installation/removal
  • Limited lifetime warranty


The PolarPro Polarizer filter for the GoPro Hero4 & 5 Session enhances your video by reducing glare from water and snow, while increasing the colour saturation and contrast for a more vibrant and realistic image. Helps you improve image and video quality without spending hours correcting in post. Extremely quick and easy to install, thisĀ amazing lens can be appliedĀ to your GoPro Hero4 & 5 Session action camera in seconds. Easily removed too, you can switch between your lenses efficiently so you’re never in danger of missing your next shot.

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