PolarPro GoPro Hero4&3+ Snorkel Filter


Polar Pro GoPro Hero4 & 3+ Snorkel Filter


The Snorkel Filter is the perfect filter for filming in very shallow depths up to 4.5m (2 to 15ft deep). This filter is a lighter shade than our Red Filter, providing a specifically targeted colour for shallow water filming. The Snorkel Filter corrects for the loss of red light underwater, from depths of up to 4.5m (2 to 15 feet deep). Without this filter underwater videos often look oversaturated with green and blue. By adding the filter, you allow the camera to capture bright, vibrant, underwater colours. This filter is precision made for tropical and blue water filming, but also works well in green water. PolarPro’ s patented Snap-On design allows you to quickly install and remove the filter. Before your next tropical vacation pick up the Snorkel Filter and amaze your friends with beautiful reef colours.

  • Fits Hero4, Hero3+, Hero+ (choose 40M or 60M housing)
  • Professional shallow water colour correction (2 to 15 feet)
  • Capture vibrant underwater colours
  • Snap-on design for Easy install/removal
  • Engineered for tropical and blue water
  • 3-year warranty-satisfaction guarantee

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