Polar Pro GoPro Hero3+ Blue Water Correction Filter

Model #PP-HD3+IRF

Polar Pro GoPro Hero3+ Blue Water Colour Correction Iridium Filter

Red Filter For Colour Correction in Blue and Tropical Water. Iridium lens for superior optics and scratch resistance.

Fits On: GoPro Hero3+ Waterproof Housing

  • New Aqua Red Colour Formula
  • Iridium Lens For Superior Scratch Resistance
  • Easy Slide on/off Design
  • Includes: Tether and Microfiber Bag

The Aqua3+ Red Filter for the GoPro Hero3+ is our newest and most effective colour correction formula yet. We have take all the data inputs from previous red filters and improved upon them even further. The new Aqua Red filter produces deep blue hues and vibrant tropical reef colours which pop right off the screen. The Aqua red colour corrects flawlessly in Tropical and Blue waters from 10 to 80 feet.

The New Aqua3+ Red Filter also got a structural makeover by adding more protection to the glass lens, making it much more durable. The filter will securely slide onto the Hero3+ waterproof housing and can be installed and removed in less than a second. The pressure fit is very snug but just in case a tether is included.

We got to play around with the GoPro Hero3+ and our new red filter down in the Caribbean and were amazed with the results! The colours were great all the way from ten to eighty feet deep. Check out the video below and see what this filter can do to your Hero3+ Footage!

Why Do You Need a Red Filter?

The point of a red filter is to compensate for red light loss which takes place under water. The reason being at about 10 feet there is no red light. The GoPro Hero3+’s white balance is thrown off because of the red light loss causing the camera to record colours which are too blue or too green. A red filter compensates for the red light loss tricking the camera into recording natural colours the way you see them.

Comparison Video

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