INTOVA X2/HD2 Fiber Optic Cable Kit for Travel Strobe PX21

INTOVA X2/HD2 Fiber Optic Cable Kit for Travel Strobe PX21


The FO2 fiber optic cable is designed to connect an Intova PX-21 strobe with our X2 and HD2 cameras.  The specially designed diffuser plate attaches to the strobe by replacing the existing clear plate on the PX21’s diffuser holder.  When attached, it aligns the optical cable to aim the light signal into the strobe’s trigger sensor while the custom adapter on the other end of the cable fits securely over the built-in LED light on the X2 and HD2 camera.  The fiber optic cable comes with handy hex wrench to adjust each end of the cable’s tips to ensure proper clearance.


»» Compatible with Intova X2 and HD2 Marine Grade Action Cams.
»» Plastic, glass and metal construction.
»» For use with Intova PX21 strobe, model I-PX21.
»» Product weight: 0.7 oz. (22 g)
»» Product dimensions: Length: 15.17″ (40 cm)
»» Warranty: Limited 1-Year


X2 and HD2 cameras do not have TTL (through the lens) metering system that allows the camera and flash unit to synchronize in different lighting situations.  Setting up an X2 or HD2 camera with the I-FO2 fiber optic cable and I-PX21 strobe will allow synchronization to occur only in very, very low light to no light conditions.

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