Intova Wide Angle Correction Dome

Model #INT-IAL

Intova Wide Angle Correction Dome

What is “Air Lens”?
Air Lens is an optical system which uses air as an optical element. A pocket of air acts like an optical element to the performance refraction of light. The Air Lens only works when it is submerged into water or a fluid that has a higher refractive index than air.


Compatible Housing
The Intova Wide Angle Correction Dome (also known as “Air Lens”) is designed for waterproof housings with a 46mm thread mount.


General Use Notes:

  • IAL provides you with wide angle underwater photography with your underwater housing (with camera). This lens is able to attach and detach underwater.
  • It is recommended to use an external strobe or video light with the Intova Air Lens (IAL). The built-in flash is blocked by the lens and causes a partially underexposed image.
  • When an external strobe is in use, keep the flash beam outside the field of view of the lens. This prevents the direct flash light entering into the lens which causes a ghosting image.
  • The lens itself is in slightly negative buoyancy. For security reasons, attach the lens secure lanyard between the camera housing and the lens before diving.
  • Ensure that the lens is not impacted with large shocks or vibrations, and don’t attempt to disassemble it. These will lead to damage or flooding into the lens. During transportation, it is best to put it in the carry pouch for protection.
  • – Ensure that the lens stay out of extreme high temperatures, for example inside a close car compartment, or under direct sunlight. This could result in damage to the O-ring which can lead to flooding.
  • Do not clean the product with organic solvent or other chemicals. It may damage the front plastic dome lens.
  • Never look at the sun through the lens.



Lens Type Air Lens
Lens Construction 2 groups, 2 elements
Depth Rating 50m/160ft
Recovery field of view (magnification) 100% (0.75x)
Mounting M46 Thread Mount
Lens Coating Hard Coating on Plastic Element
Lens Barrel/Lens Hood Polycarbonate/ABS
Weight (on land) 176g
Dimensions (approx) diameter 105mm x depth 43mm

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Lightly lubricate O-rings with silicone grease prior to use and maintain lubrication at all times.

BUY INTOVA PRODUCTS FROM AUTHORIZED DEALERS ONLY: To ensure proper warranty coverage, make sure Intova products are purchased from legitimate retailers only. Be sure that the dealer has a mailing address and provides a receipt that verifies: Dealer Name and Address. Customer Name and Address. Date of Purchase. Complete Description and Cost of items purchased. Receipt must be presented for warranty service.