I-Dive Venom C92 Video Light


Dive Venom C92 Video Light

The Venom C92 is a stunning 4000 lumens video light that is compact and lightweight. The Venom C92 uses a powerful COB 18mm LED to provide 5-modes of white light. At 100% power 4,000 lumens of brightness, at 80% power 3,200 lumens of brightness, at 60% power 2,400 lumens of brightness, at 40% power 1,600 lumens of brightness and at 20% power 800 lumens. The Venom C92 also has three RY XPG600 Red LED’s that have 2-power levels of 100% and 40% power, these red modes are extremely handy for sneaking up on those shy critters that white light usually scares away. The LED’s have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. There is also an emergency signal SOS mode that can be used in white or red light options.

The Light has a wide 100°-degree beam angle with a colour temperature of 5000 – 6500K. At full output the lights lithium ion 3400mAH 16.8V battery will provide approximately 50-minutes of burn time. The light head is made from durable and corrosion resistant anodized aluminium with the light body manufactured from a polycarbonate with fibre mesh.


The light with battery is negatively buoyant underwater at -6.5oz (-184g).

Comes with a YS Mount

Optional: Remote control by IR with optical cable.



Brightness:  Approx. 4000 Lumens

Beam Angle: 100 Degrees

Power Modes: White – 100% – 80% – 60% – 40% – 20%

Red – 100% – 40%


Colour Temp: 5,000 – 6,500K

Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion battery 3400mAh 16.8V

Charge Time: TBA

Burn Time: Approx. 50mins at 100% output

Size: 62mm x 118mm

Weight: 464g (including battery), underwater 184g

Depth Rating: 100m/333ft

Special Features: Colour Rendering Index of 92