I-DIVE Symbiosis SS-02 Strobe

I-DIVE Symbiosis SS-02 Strobe

Up until the release of the I-Torch Symbiosis, underwater lights were divided into two types – Strobes or constant LED video lights. The Symbiosis is a bold attempt to combine the two and create a single all-in-one light. The Symbiosis is basically a strobe, with a high-end video light mounted on the top part of it. The battery is shared between the two light elements, and the brains inside allow you to control everything through one unique and user-friendly panel on the back. The SS-2 Pro model features an LCD screen to easily view and change settings (it even flips automatically when positioned upside-down!). It comes with a more powerful video light – 2000 lumens.

Flash Model: SS-2 Pro
Flash: 32 Guide Number
Recycle time: 2 seconds
Colour Temperature: 5600K
Video Light: 2000 Lumens
Beam angle: 120 Degrees
Video Colour Temperature: 5600K
LCD panel: Yes (Auto Flip)
Red Light: Yes
Buoyancy: Slightly Negative
Manual Flash Mode: 15 Levels