I-Dive Fish-Lite GS16


I-Dive Fish-Lite GS16

The Fish-Lite GS16 offers the option of either a wide diffused beam (120° 1600Lm) or a narrow torch like beam (15° 800Lm). The video light offers a COB (chip on board) LED similar to the C92 and 3 x red LED’s. This new COB LED technology closely mimics natural sunlight and really enhances your colours. The Fish-lite GS16 uses 2 x 18650 batteries instead of an internal battery. This is a great feature as you can replace batteries between dives without having to wait to recharge, also when the time comes to replace batteries you will save hundreds of dollars.



LED Type: CREE XM-L2 T6 x1, COB x1, RY XPG600 x2

Beam Angle: 120 Degrees (flood light), 15 Degrees (spot light)

Burn Time: Approx.50mins (100% power output)

Waterproof: 100m

Battery Type: Li-Ion Battery 3400mAh 16.8V x2

9-Stages Control Modes: (Flood Light) 100%/50%/25%, (Spot Light) 100%/50%/25%, (RED) 100/ 40%, SOS