HYPERION Twin Lens Dive Mask -Wahoo


HYPERION Wahoo Twin Lens Dive Mask

With the introduction of our new Hyperion range of masks there will be something for everyone. The Hyperion range offers a lower price point but still high quality GoPro mask. This high quality mask has a built in GoPro Camera mount that offer divers a great way to shoot incredible video while diving, in addition to keeping your hands free. Because let’s face it, between checking dive computers or holding dive lights, you’ve already got your hands full. Works with ALL GoPro® Models!

This mask features dual safety tempered lens, and a low volume design that helps keep the mask close to the face for great visibility, while the super-soft silicone helps ensure a great seal. This mask fits nearly everyone. Supplied with mask box and GoPro nut. (Requires GoPro bolt supplied with Camera)