Hyperion Dual GoPro Tray with Handles

Hyperion Dual GoPro Tray with Handles

The Hyperion Dual GoPro Tray with Rubber Armoured Handles is designed to accept almost any action camera. This tray comes standard with a Tripod Screw and Tripod/GoPro Adapter. Featuring two Handles with standard T-Mounts, Stainless mounting hardware and a compact overall design, this tray will suit all of your action camera needs.
Easily slide on a Flexible Arm and a Video Light of your choosing for a simple and cost effective lighting solution.

Material: Anodised Aluminium and Stainless Steel Hardware
Tray Dimensions: 27cm wide x 14cm high
Includes: Tripod Screw, Handles with T-Mounts, GoPro/Tripod Adapter

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