X-Adventure M1000WR Video Light

#MODEL-XADV-M1000 X-Adventure M1000WR Video Light An exciting new Torch in our line-up! The X-Adventure M1000WR offers a Compact Video Light with 1000 Lumens, 200 Lumens Red Light and Auto-Shut-Off Function. Auto-Shut-Off Function turns off the light for half a second when a ... more information

X-Adventure M650 LED Dive Light

Model #XADV-M650 X-Adventure M650 Dive Light The X-Adventurer M650 is a Compact all metal Dive Torch which will run on 3x AAA Batteries as well as a rechargeable #18650 battery. What’s even more impressive is its power output – 350 Lumens with AAA Batteries ... more information

X-Adventurer M3000-WRUA Video Light

#MODEL-XADV-M3000-WRUA X-Adventurer M3000-WRUA Video Light. The M3000-WRUA is an all in one Smart Underwater Photo / Video light. The M3000-WRUA Smart light has a 3000 lumen (CRI=Ra80) Wide Angle Video LED light, a 200 lumen Red LED focus light and ... more information