Photographic Lights

I-DIVE Symbiosis SS-02 Strobe

MODEL# ID-SS-02 I-DIVE Symbiosis SS-02 Strobe Up until the release of the I-Torch Symbiosis, underwater lights were divided into two types – Strobes or constant LED video lights. The Symbiosis is a bold attempt to combine the two and create a single all-in-one ... more information

Intova PX-21 Compact Slave Strobe

Model #INT-TS Intova PX21 Compact Waterproof Slave Strobe • Universal slave strobe for use with digital or film cameras • Underwater Housing Depth Rated to 61 meters • Flash Sync Sensor • Light Output Control: Auto light sensor with 3 levels-Max, Med, Min • 3 Pre-flash settings • Diffuser holder with 3 ... more information

Ultramax Strobe

Ultramax UXDS-1 Strobe Head

#MODEL: UM-DS1HEAD  Ultramax UXDS-1 Strobe Head Depth rated to a maximum depth of 55M (180’). The strobe housing is secured via double O-ring seal and, the battery compartment is completely isolated from the electronics to prevent water damage if it’s accidentally ... more information

Intova Action Video Light

Model #INT-AVL Intova Action Video Light Compact, lightweight and ergonomic, the Action Light was designed for use with Action Cameras but is a great complement to any video camera. A wide and even 120 degree beam angle provides consistent lighting with no hot ... more information

I-Dive Venom 38 Extra Lithium Battery

Model #ID-BATTFL1291B I-Dive Venom 38 & 35S Extra Lithium Battery Spare 38Whr Lithium Battery including Travel Cap (Black)   more information

I-Dive Fish Lite V12 Video Light

Model #ID-FL-A009 I-DIVE FISH-LITE V12 A great Focus light for any Underwater Camera System. Included red LED allows for great macro focusing without scaring your subject away. Easy one-handed push button operation with battery level indicator included. Carry case and 18650 battery and ... more information

I-Dive Video Pro 6+ 2800 with Lumens Li-ion Batteries

Model #ID-FL12105 I-DIVE Video Pro6+ The Video Pro6+ a featured packed Video and Focus Light on offer from I-Dive. Pushing out a massive 2800 lumens of white light covering an impressive 110 degrees this light will surely light the way for all your video ... more information

I-Dive Black Star BS30 Video Light

Model #ID-FL-AO52 I-DIVE BLACK STAR BS30 The I-Dive Black Star BS30 has a 3000 lumen Mono LED video light with a 110 degree beam which provides a “shadow free” light source for better image coverage. The Black Star BS30 also sports 2 x Red LED’... more information

X-Adventure M1000WR Video Light

#MODEL-XADV-M1000 X-Adventure M1000WR Video Light An exciting new Torch in our line-up! The X-Adventure M1000WR offers a Compact Video Light with 1000 Lumens, 200 Lumens Red Light and Auto-Shut-Off Function. Auto-Shut-Off Function turns off the light for half a second when a ... more information

X-Adventurer M3000-WRUA Video Light

#MODEL-XADV-M3000-WRUA X-Adventurer M3000-WRUA Video Light. The M3000-WRUA is an all in one Smart Underwater Photo / Video light. The M3000-WRUA Smart light has a 3000 lumen (CRI=Ra80) Wide Angle Video LED light, a 200 lumen Red LED focus light and ... more information

Torch Display Stand

Model #ID-DISPLAY1 I-Dive Torch Display Stand 16cm X 9cm more information